The World's Most Wanted Press


The World's Most Wanted Press

The Microfleur Microwave Flower Press presses flowers. Fast.
Leaving you with beauty, bold colors, and unlimited creative possibilities.

What is the Microfleur?

  • Two heavyweight plastic platens

  • Two thick wool pads

  • cotton liners

  • clips

- Flowers, ferns, grass, stems and leaves are quickly pressed in this microwave press.
- Pressing is done in short intervals, starting at about 30 seconds
- Because pressing is done in just over a minute, color retention is remarkable

What can I make with pressed flowers?

DECORATE greeting cards, invitations, candles, all things wedding, bookmarks, menus, scrapbook pages, soap, and handmade paper.  MAKE botanical art, decoupage projects, ornaments, botanical specimens, and oshibana art.

SEE the Microfleur in action: